Our mascot Hubsi Hu happily accompanies our guests every day, no matter what the weather, no matter what season.

Coming to our Baby Hotel in Trebesing in the warm season means you won't only have fabulously lush meadows to romp and play in, wonderful air to take in, and the warm coats of the residents of our no longer so small zoo to pet.

Our zoo at the Baby Hotel

Even when it is cool and damp we are blessed here. The Lieser, after which our valley is named, is only a stone's throw from our hotel premises and its "Gaggl-Tümpfen" invites you to relax in, cool your feet, and collect stones.

The close-by, crystal-clear Lake Millstatt is a lake for the whole family. And of course you can also go swimming and have fun in our pools (not only because of the snake slide and the giant slide)!

Traffic jam on the motorway? With us this isn't a problem with all the outdoor equipment that is ON the motorway behind our hotel. The A10 is in fact "enclosed" at the height of Trebesing and there is more room to play here.

If you want to reach for the heights, the Katschberg, also called "Kachi", is a half-hour drive from our hotel. Recently a new adventure toboggan run begun operation here - the "Gold ride". Many different long family walks are signposted. If you have not yet satisfied your thirst for adventure, you can go on a GPS treasure hunt or to the large outdoor climbing course.

At the close-by, more than 2000 metres high Goldeck, the "mountain" of the Spittal an der Drau, you are not only very close to the skies. You can go geocaching here or walk a mushroom trail and after that visit one of the quaint cottages.

Would you like to learn more about our day trips in the summer half of the year? Child's play!