In our harmoniously designed dining room, with its lavish buffet area,

all you mamas and papas can give yourselves a real culinary treat!

Panotour in the dining room Start?

Times when you can enjoy our culinary treats:

7.30-10.00 Uhr
Breakfast buffet:
Begin your morning with an exclusive breakfast: champagne bar (twice a week), organic foods corner, smoked sausage and cheese specialties, fine baked goods and tasty egg dishes. Fruit and vegetables for making fresh juices

12.00-13.00 Uhr
Lunch Buffet:
Soup, main dishes (one always meat-free), salad buffet as well as a delightful dessert (for our little guests, we have fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat-, fresh mashes and semolina pudding available throughout the day)

14.00-16.00 Uhr
Afternoon snacks: a variety of pastries, soup and also some spicier tidbits

Every evening
Every evening we’ll pamper you with a selection of 5-course gourmet dinner menus and an array of fine cheeses; once-weekly Harmony Gala Menu, Western Time (summer), Grill Evening (summer)

And whatnot:

  • Coffee, Tea, hot chocolate
  • italian coffee specialties inclusive
  • soft drinks from the Soda-fountain 
  • fresh fruit
  • Ice creams with sauces

With extra care dishes tailored to pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, vegetarian and guests with allergies.

Horst Mitterschaider, our celebrated award-winning chef, will treat you to all kinds of refined culinary delights.
Of course, we serve up traditional Austrian dishes and delicious morsels from the region’s farms and fishing waters.