Perfect baby and child care – from Monday to Sunday.

We would like to emphasise that our caretakers all have a pedagogical training.
They do not simply just look after your children: They cater to individual needs e.g. play, crafts, and singing – or rocking your child to sleep.

Pick up time? We do not know this word. We will care for your babies and children as long as you need. Monday to Sunday. From 9 am to 5 pm and from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

And if you want individual care (charged extra) for your child, just ask: we are prepared!

Just perfect

Baby Perfect - that's what we at the children's hotel call our all-round skills for your little travellers.

Baby Perfect - that means that we not only offer perfect service and perfect meals, but everything else that goes with them. We have baby monitors, baby chairs, rockers, playpens, baby carriers, slings and strollers - so you don't need to pack all this for your trip if you don't want to.

Our laundry room is large - and always ready!

In your room you have your own microwave. Even medical needs are taken care of: we have our own surgery in the hotel.

In good hands

It is perhaps the very first holiday for your baby - and it should be as comfortable as at home yet at the same time something really, really special.

That is why we welcome the very youngest with our specially trained caregivers.

If you wish, we can take care of your baby from (his/her) 7th day of life. We feed, wrap and cuddle him/her while for once you take a sauna, a swim or a walk undisturbed. Or just sleep - without feeling guilty.

Sleeping and eating well is important for the little ones. Your little darling can rest peacefully in our "quiet room". And if baby gets hungry before the relaxed parents get back, there is a delicious Hipp baby menu (of course there is also special food for babies with allergies). Mmm, that tastes good!

Good entertainment

For first attempts at swimming you need warm, shallow water. The Hubsi Hu baby paddling pool in our indoor pool offers that and much more.

And our new Haba games to be found all over the hotel help to improve gripping ability and concentration and above all make things fun!

Simply good

Baby food is also on the menu. We offer a daily baby buffet at lunch and dinner with fresh baby purees (which are very much enjoyed by big people too.)

If you favour the proven quality of HiPP foods, you can choose from our HiPP menu that also caters fully for babies with allergies. We put our name on the line here. . .

Bring bibs? Forget it! We have stacks of them!