From Sunday to Thursday (Valid from the 3rd of June, Last possible arrival date, 15th July and valid from the 8th of September, Last possible arrival date, 28th October)

5 days / 4 nights – TOP PRICES
for 2 adults and 1 baby or child

From Euro 908,-



We know that:

After dozens of laps with the go-kart, you little racer is hungry for Spaghetti.  The naturalist wants to go see kangaroos and rabbits, and then play with the marble track. And then Lego. Or play dough. And then on the giant slide. And then in the bouncy castle.

Babys & Kids

Next winter comes for sure - Packages for young family holidays in Europe’s 1st Baby- and Children’s Hotel



Enjoy your vacation, your relationship, and your children – we are happy to supervise them if you wish. With us, you can enjoy some leisure time.


Europe´s 1. Baby- and Kinderhotel

We have long been out of diapers - but of course, only in the figurative sense: 30 years of experience gives us the confidence to know what families and their children want on holiday.

o have common experiences that will long be remembered. Hanging around - without having to cook.

Doing sports – without having to organise anything.

Eating well. Drinking well – we know good bottles, and our partner Hipp does as well. Relax. Enjoy nature. Or just talk without being disturbed.

Because parents have earned a perfect vacation, we offer baby and childcare from the 7th day of life.

By the way: We are proud to be the first baby and children's hotel in Europe – tested, used and loved by 30 000 families.

We - that is Nina and Siggi Neuschitzer, mascot Hubsi Hu, and 50 good spirits of the house.




  • Many have water slides. But with 100 metres, not only is ours extra long but it is also winding and brightly lit – just like the main river of our valley – the Lieser.

    You enter from inside and slide down a closed tube. You can also have fun sliding in winter or when the weather is bad.

  • Our wellness suites and apartments have been so well received that we built 18 new ones in 2013. Our proven concept for 30 years: lots of wood, lots of space, no edges, a large balcony, and your own children's room.

    It goes without saying that changing tables, microwave ovens, electric kettle, nursing pillows, and baby baths are also included in the room. And of course, a baby monitor.

  • Care from the 7th day of life. This is no publicity stunt. It really is true. The baby hotel pioneers Andreas Neuschitzer and Siegfried Neuschitzer Sr. were even in the "Bild" newspaper. Today, our nanny Karin and her team can build on 30 years of experience and delight children and parents.

    Even daily if you want. And throughout the day. Or over lunch. Whether babies, toddlers, school-aged children, or teens.

  • Endless play. That's our motto. We have built a three-storey Pirate Land for climbing, sliding and hiding. That's why we have our own gym along with a climbing wall.

    In our new indoor play land, designed by the game professionals Wehrfritz, Haba and Jako-O, children find everything that they want. Our own Lego construction site facilitates creation. In a mini-hotel, children can cook and wash up. We wish to stimulate the senses of very young children in a crawl area, a comforting room and with countless sensory toys.

  • By the way: A farm once stood at the site of today's baby and children's hotel. Many of the animals are still there: rabbits, sheep, goats, Icelandic ponies, and chickens are waiting to be petted. And through the woods, behind the house, you can find our three kangaroos: Hubsi Hu, Hubsi Ha, and Hubsi He.